Bum Wine

by Intercourse

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released May 20, 2019

Constant Disappointment Records / Eye Tape Records

Produced by Daryl Rabidoux, Mastered by Will Benoit at The Radar Studio in Clinton, CT.

Artwork by Jagat Suri.


all rights reserved



Intercourse Connecticut



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Track Name: Jake's Backyard
I ain't feeling so great.
Track Name: Bum Wine
(Hey man give me something to wipe this up with.) Don't inconvenience yourself, send some thoughts and prayers. Light a candle, it'll work itself out. I found life sucks at a young age like a swift kick to the face. So I grew up to be a bum. It's ok though, I suppose every town needs a wino. Here drink this. There's sober people in Africa and rehab. Drink it man.
Track Name: With An Asshole Like An Ashtray
What do you know about the gutter? I taught myself by digging through the trash. Oh I know the Roach. People pass me by, they won't look me in the eye. You know what the difference between me and you is? All my shitty friends are dead. So they're not around to fuck up anyone's life anymore. Which is more than I can say for you. What's your excuse? What are you breathing for? I know the roaches. I read my bible. If it wasn't for alcohol I wouldn't have any luck at all.
Track Name: Brad The Bag Boy
Fuck. I got a friend, make a corpse look better than you. He's got a nose like a vacuum. Fucked up my job at the post office, so I got this gig bagging bodies. I'm not exactly a fucking people person. I'll tell you this; it's still life at it's best. Golden fucking silence. Sure is heavy lifting but I sleep like a baby. There's nothing like other people's suffering. No one escapes the toe tag and slab. Least of all me, when it's my time I'll smile and die content that some poor dick's gonna have to scrape me up and clean my shit. Oh fuck. Eyes roll into the back of my head and I'm gone. Been coming here to kill myself for years. You loom over me like a midnight motherfucker while I sleep.
Track Name: Sundowning
I can crawl in this bottle and sail away, but I'm sure I'll end up shipwrecked in the same place with this compulsion to scribble my theories and obsession with the passing of time as well as the irony in the changes in our faces. The confusion sets in right around then. If you truly love something saw it's legs off, see how far it can crawl. Then stomp on it's hands. Until then you'll find me where the bitter bums go to bullshit themselves to death. So many unfinished conversations, so much useless garbage in my head. I've lost more to the ther than i care to admit. If you truly love something saw it's legs off, see how far it can crawl. Then stomp on it's hands man. I tried to be like everyone else. I tried to have what they had. I couldn't have it so I set fire to it. I set fire to it and I stood close enough the flames could lick my face and managed to feel not even a second of warmth.

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